Tijdens de coronacrisis leveren we uw huisdier aan huis. Binnen een straal van 50km doen we dit gratis.

Alle beschikbare pups kan je bekijken op de site van Felicanis.

Hoeve Hoogland

Kittens Pups

Welcome to the website of Hoeve Hoogland, the specialised dog breeder and cattery.
Our 25 years of experience enables us to offer you the finest puppies and kittens for a competitive
price. All our animals are thoroughly checked by a veterinarian so we can guarantee every client that
their future pet has a good health. This warranty is offered to you in writing.
In terms of kittens, we are specialized in Sphynxes, Persians, Ragdolls, Birmans, British Shorthairs,
Maine Coons, Bengals, Britannicas, Highland and Scottish Folds.
When it comes to puppies, we are specialized in Chihuahuas and English Bulldogs, but we also have
other breeds.
Do you wish to know more about us? Then do not hesitate and read our assets.

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