Akita Inu


Akita Inus are balanced dogs with a reasonable, thoughtful way of doing things. They are intelligent and friendly and sometimes dominant. They are excellent watchdogs. If necessary, they will definitely jump into the breach for their people. They are very loyal to their family and reasonably obedient. They will act reserved to people who do not know them. They need to be well socialized with other animals. When this is met, they go along reasonably well with these animals. They can also get along well with children.


Males usually have a shoulder height of 67 cm and females have a shoulder height of 61 cm. The fur is dense and soft. The hair on the tail is a little longer. The allowed colours of the Akita Inu are red, white and brindled. All colours, except white, must possess urajiro. This is a white colour on the side of the snout and cheeks and the bottom of the mouth, on the neck and on the chest of the belly.

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