American Cocker Spaniel


American Cocker Spaniels are gentle, friendly and get along well with children. They are very obedient and lively. American Cocker Spaniel puppies need to be raised in a social environment, in order to prevent them to be timid later on.


An American Cocker Spaniel is up to 38 cm high and weighs between 11 and 13 kg. The American Cocker has long hanging ears, a round head and a broad snout. The coat is soft, lightly curled and has a medium length. This must be well maintained. Brushing and washing is not redundant. Cutting is also recommended, every three months. American Cocker Spaniel puppies are available in the colours red, black, chocolate, red, cream and sand.

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We regularly have new american cocker spaniel litters for sale. All our puppies are raised in a homely, confidential environment and they are all checked by a veterinarian.
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