American Stafford


The American Stafford or also known as the American Staffs are honest, uncomplicated, devoted, active dogs. They are protective, very brave and pretty hard for themselves. The American Staff is very loyal to his family and also obedient on average. Males of this breed can be a little dominant. They get along well with children and are very tolerant. A well-educated American Staff will keep his house safe and sound, but will not be unfriendly against people he does not know. He will of course stand his ground if his family is threatened.


The shoulder height of males is between 45 and 48 cm and the shoulder height of females is between 43 and 46 cm. The fur is short stiff and is very close to the skin. Any fur colour is allowed. The most common colours have different brindled shades, red and grey, with or without white markings and a black mask.

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