Caucasian Shepherd Dog


The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is still a very original breed that protects herds and cattle from four-footed and two-footed threats in his region of origin. This breed is territorial of nature, independent and courageous. He is very vigilant and has a strong sense of defence. The fur protects them against extreme weather conditions. He considers everything that concerns family, children, chickens, cats, etc. as his possession and he will respect and protect it. This breed is very suspicious and is very vigilant against people they do not know.


The shoulder height of males is at least 65cm and 62cm with females. People prefer dogs with a shoulder height of 70cm. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog has rough, straight hairs and a well-developed under fur. They are bred in different colour nuances such as wolf grey with light to reddish shades.

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