English Bulldog


English Bulldogs are good-natured, very balanced, gentle dogs. They have a cheerful, happy and friendly attitude, are spontaneous and enthusiastic, but usually quiet around the house. They are pretty intelligent and very obedient. It is a devoted dog and likes to be close to the family. English Bulldogs get along well with their race as well as with other pets. They get along with children excellently. They are extremely tolerant and mostly have a gruff sense of humour. They are everyone’s friends. However, they can act vigilant and protective.


An English Bulldog is up to 40 cm high and weighs between 22 and 25 kg. English Bulldogs are broad and compact and have a solid head. The snout is short and the lower jaw is slightly forward situated. They have a short fur and are available in different colours. The English Bulldog comes in two colour bases brindled or red. The red can go from beige to dark deer red. They may or may not have white markings or a black mask.

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