Lhasa Apso


The purebred dog Lhasa Apso is kind, sweet and child-friendly. As a puppy, the Lhasa Apso is easy to train, even though this Oriental dog can be a little stubborn. They do not bark, but they guard very well. They also enjoy short walks. The Lhasa will not obtrude himself upon you, even though he does appreciate your company.



The purebred dog Lhasa Apso becomes 25cm high at the most and weighs around 4 kg. He has lots of long hair over his entire body. This fur doesn’t stick together that easily and brushing it a few times a week should suffice. Lhasa Apso pups come in the colours gold, sand, honey, and red coloured, dark grey and slate blue, brown, black and white fur.

Want to buy a Lhasa Apso?

We regularly have new lhasa apso litters for sale. All our puppies are raised in a homely, confidential environment and they are all checked by a veterinarian.
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