Shetland Sheepdog-Sheltie


The Sheltie is originally a Scottish sheep guardian and thus an obedient dog. He is intelligent, cheerful, affectionate and loyal to his boss and child-friendly. This dog also has large endurance capabilities. Because a Sheltie puppy is so smart, these purebred puppies can learn a lot in just a small amount of time. A Shetland Sheepdog loves to enforce orders and is therefore ideal for dog sport.


The purebred Sheltie is up to 35 cm high and weighs between 6 and 12 kg. Some Shelties can be larger and heavier. This breed has a longhaired coat. The coat is easy to maintain, because the hairs are straight and sturdy. Regular brushing is sufficient. The Shetland Sheepdog puppy is for sale in sand colour, black and black-white.

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We regularly have new shetland sheepdog-sheltie litters for sale. All our puppies are raised in a homely, confidential environment and they are all checked by a veterinarian.
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