Whippets are cheerful, intelligent, lively and gentle dogs. They are fairly obedient in general. They are calm and devoted at home and they bark little. Whippets are generally kind with children. They do not respond enthusiastically to visitors, but they are always friendly. Contacts with other dogs are uncomplicated. They can even go along with cats.


Shoulder height for males is between 47 and 51 cm. Shoulder height for females is between 44 and 47 cm. The fur is short, has a fine structure and lies flat. All colours are available. Many common colours have different shades of brindled yellow, whether or not combined with white.

Want to buy a Whippet?

We regularly have new whippet litters for sale. All our puppies are raised in a homely, confidential environment and they are all checked by a veterinarian.
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