The Bengals are cats with a great social ability and they like to take a …BATH!!


The Bengal cat loves attention and is therefore playful, but they can also entertain themselves. This breed gets along well together with other active pets (even dogs!). The Bengal is friendly and curious, although they are not lap cats. But, the cats do give head pets. A Bengal kitten is an intelligent and quick student. And … the only cat that loves water!


The Bengal cat looks like a wild tiger and is medium-sized. Apparently, the head of this cat breed is somewhat smaller in proportion with the rest of the body. The small ears hang slightly forward and the fur is thick and silky smooth. The Bengal kitten is for sale in the colours yellow/orange with dark spots or stripes.

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We regularly have new bengal litters for sale. All our kittens are raised in a homely, confidential environment and they are all checked by a veterinarian.
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