Persian cat

Very calm cats that do not like too much fuss, they are therefore not advisable for people with young children. For the rest very affectionate cats of whom you get lots of friendship and affection. Does require some maintenance.


Persian cats are subdued and calm. They don’t need a lot of movement and find it wonderful to rest in a somewhat private place. They can also be very playful, but spinning on someone’s lap for hours and hours is the ultimate activity. They prefer not to have noise or strangers around.


A Persian Cat is a cat that participates a lot in cat exhibitions. He has a firm body, a broad head with small, yet far apart standing ears and large eyes. The short snout is his trademark. The coat is long and thick and must be well cared for. The tail too is long and thick. The Persian has a noble appearance and is frequently used in commercials. Persian kittens are for sale in all colours, except with spotted patterns.

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