Ragdolls are calm, soft and very pleasant cat companions, they can get along well with dogs and other animals. Suitable for children but it should not be too crowded. Little maintenance required.


Ragdolls are a very particular breed of cats. They have a beautiful appearance and their character is also very special. They are called ragdoll because they like to hang about in the arms of their boss. A Ragdoll is quiet, relaxed and gentle. They attach great importance to their boss and find it fun to play. This cat breed is curious and trusts others quickly. To prevent them from walking away with strangers or from getting lost, it is therefore sensible to keep them on their own grounds.


Ragdolls are big cats with bright blue eyes. The coat is very soft and half long with not only a few knots. The cat weighs between 5 and 10 kg. Ragdolls are available in different colours – colour point, mitted and bi-colour. Colour point ragdolls have a light coloured body and a darker coloured head, legs and tail. Mitten Ragdolls have white paws, chin and chest. Bi-colour Ragdolls have coloured ears and tail, while the rest of the coat remains white.

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