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Some cats do not love to be left alone for a long time, they need company of a person or a cat of the same race. If you are working or away from home a lot, the purchase of a buddy a nice solution.

Some cats are a great children's friend and others stay away from the hustle and bustle of a young child.

Especially the long-haired types ask what more care than others.

Do you want a quiet and a calm family friend or do you love an active, vibrant and playful cat?

A cat is a very independent animal, but this is very obvious for some breeds.

Cattery Hoeve Hoogland is the new acknowledged Cattery (HK25104299) that we started in 2010: all our cats have enough place and tranquillity here to grow up to become beautiful, healthy kittens.


All our cats are raised in a domestic sphere, so we can offer you the best kittens. Dewormed several times, checked by a veterinarian and with warranty in writing, prescribed by the Animal Welfare Division.

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We have quite a few cats available, but if you are looking for a specific breed, you can contact us to see if the cat is available. New litters come in regularly.


If you are sure of your race and sex, you can now book your kitten online.

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