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Which dog breed fits me?

Some dogs do not like to be alone for long, they need company from the same kind or from a human being. Now if you're out for work or you’re just away from home a lot, purchasing a buddy for your pet is a very good solution.

Some dogs are a great friend for children and other dogs do not like the hustle and bustle of a young child around him.

Especially the long-haired types ask what more care than others.

Do you want a quiet and calm pet or do you love an active, vibrant and playful dog?

Some breeds of dogs are somewhat independent.

Hoeve Hoogland, a new approved breeding farm (HK 14104298) since 2010 in Antwerp where pups grow up socially with sufficient space.


Our puppies are carefully monitored by a veterinarian. Thus, we can guarantee you, black on white, the most beautiful and healthy pups. Read more about our strengths and drop by to let your heart be enchanted by our adorable puppies.


If you want to be sure that your desired purebred puppy is available, you can, from now on, reserve your puppy online.

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